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Van Thiel

Crossway are the UK's largest stockholders of scaffolding equipment which uses the "Van Thiel Concept". This encompasses the whole process of the loading and unloading of materials, and the speed of erection, easy adaption and dismantling. There is no requirement for servicing, as the Tubelok connectors and wedge fittings are service-free.

Also Van Thiel equipment gives many health and safety advantages to the workforce. Materials are lighter weight and easier to assemble. With tubelock and shorter lengths there is less strain on the scaffolder, and with joints crimped to the tube lengths there is no of a joint couplers falling off and causing injury. Van Thiel equipment has no protruding tubes, allowing sheeting, netting and advertising banners to be more easily attached. Van Thiel Extendable-transoms in conjunction with hop-up brackets can extend and adapt to the building's specifications - ideal for any type of frame building, concrete, steel or timber frame where the scaffolding can be erected in advance and adaptions made easily for the building fabric whether it be any type cladding or masonry.

Thiel-Lock or redilock transoms, conform to TG20:13 and have been designed so that a scaffold no longer requires cross-bracing, ensuring all working platforms are completely clear.

Van Thiel Case Study